Going Dumb: My Year With a Flip Phone
WIRED · WIRED Staff · 12/29/18
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  • bill - 2 months ago
    A tired topic, indeed, but the writing here is actually good.

    For example:

    >> Yet amid the stunts and self-delusions and Walden wankery, facts are facts: We are the first generation of cyborgs, and our soft, slack bodies are rejecting the foreign technology. You can feel the invasion, a monstrous new lifeforce-leeching limb—the glass plus silicon multiplied by cloudmagic that equals the thousand-dollar device sitting pretty in your pocket.
    • loundytampa - 2 months ago
      ... and the moral of the story is?
  • Plum - 2 months ago
    Well....I guess it is hopeless to go back but I am still greyscale.
    • bill - 2 months ago
      It's not hopeless!! I'm smartphone-free and love it. (PS Welcome to reallyread.it!)
  • Tripleg - 2 months ago
    A tired topic- yes, but still amusing!