Reflections on Having a Servant
Organizer Sandbox · Bernie Bleske · 8/7/18
Organizer Sandbox
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  • joanne - 2 months ago
    I disagreed with Bernie in a few places. "Having a servants is wonderful", that's a really a sad statement. I think the further away we pull from the basic tenets of being being human, (taking care of our basic needs) the more happiness eludes us. Of course, there are plenty of times we need help and that's healthy and good for society until hierarchy and offensive language comes into play
    I don't think we feel wonderful cause we make more money or have a higher station in life than others, at least I hope not.
    I, too felt like the last paragraph came out of no where.
  • erica - 2 months ago
    This writer is very self-aware and honest about his own experience "having" a servant in Pakistan. This was surprising: "This much is true: having servants is wonderful."

    He makes the point that service and servitude are not the same, but then he seems to change his mind and spends the rest of the article talking about similarities between the U.S. and servant cultures. That's why the last paragraph felt so unexpected.

    I will always want to cook my own food and do my own laundry. If I get married one day, and my partner and I both work outside the home, and we have children, it might make sense to hire a babysitter. I do not think that's analogous to hiring a servant.