Chuey and Me
Elliott Turner · Elliott Turner · 2/13/19
Elliott Turner
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  • bill - 1 week ago
    I deserve a "first reader" trophy for finding so many of these AOTDs! Just saying.
    • Pegeen - 5 days ago
      You do Bill! Stellar finds - keep it up!
  • Tripleg - 1 week ago
    Interesting and captivating style of writing that keeps you wanting more and more details about Chuey, his friend, and his life.
    • bill - 1 week ago
      100%. Such great language that it makes you want to read it slow. I've allowed the passage of time before commenting on this one and the main thing I remember is that I took the time to stop and think at multiple times about so many different things.

      Good writing happens when the author is really real and really present in the story.
      • Pegeen - 1 week ago
        I agree 100% Bill - LOVE that observation! Really real and really present - really good!
  • Pegeen - 1 week ago
    I love Elliot Turner’s style of storytelling, the design of his paragraphs, the repetition of his friends name Chuey, the chunks of random time scenes - all very captivating. Of course none of that would matter if the characters were not drawn so achingly beautiful in all their innocence and tragedy. Deeply authentic.
    • bill - 1 week ago