A Day in the Life of a Food Vendor
The New York Times Company · Tejal Rao · 4/18/17
The New York Times Company
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  • Pegeen - 3 weeks ago
    Brutal! How do you ever get out from under the overwhelm?
    • bill - 2 weeks ago
      What an important and complicated question!

      I thought this sentence was particularly profound: "He could make more, working longer hours alone, but he won’t." That's fascinating to me. Mr Ahmed is already working so damn hard and yet there still seems to be some little tiny sliver of advancement that he could achieve if he would just work EVEN harder. I think it's a testament to his character that he has his limits.

      “The system is totally crazy,” he says, referring to the vendor licensing system. But he might as well be referring some bigger 'system' that requires a whole lot more than good old fashioned hard work. It basically requires you to sacrifice everything - all of your body and all of your brain, every minute of every day. What kind of trade-off is that?!
  • Tripleg - 3 weeks ago
    All the whiners constantly complaining about every little annoyance should read this!
    • bill - 2 weeks ago
      Yeah. Definitely. I'm sure I complain too much -- sometimes out loud and sometimes just to myself, in my head -- and articles like this are a great way to snap back to reality, to remind myself how other people live. When we live in our own heads, it's so easy to forget what time it is!
  • bill - 3 weeks ago
    $125.00 is jaw-dropping and eye-opening.