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  • Ana - 2 months ago
  • erica - 2 months ago
    Interesting revenue model. Thoughts?
    • bill - 2 months ago
      Good (but not new) business idea that delivers tangible value to marketers, *but not end users* (aka humans, aka news readers).

      As a society, the only chance we have of climbing out of the hole we’re in is if people have easy ways to pay for good journalism. We’ll get there.

      In the meantime, companies like Memo will keep pushing us toward a future where Pepsi and Weber Shandwick know exactly how thirsty we are and why, and can figure out new ways to get us drinking way too much sugary shit that kills us and kills the planet. (To be clear, I’m not against a good soft drink. I’m against the corporate/tech overlords that play on our emotions and addictions to make a buck.)