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  • dreilly - 2 months ago
    Pretty good/interesting read even if the take away is only that more research needs to be done. The bit about pruning neurons is particularly interesting to me. I wonder if other similar singularly focusing activities can cause the same problems. Studying or reading for example.

    Nir Eyal seems confused though. Cannabis addiction?
    • geolina - 2 months ago
      He seems confused on a bunch of stuff, included the hypothesis of having companies taking care of people they made addicted.
      I feel like he’s just another of these money making machines - there are quite a number around- that would always find in Business the solution for any problem, even those caused by Business itself.
      (English’s not my native language, so forgive me for any mistakes).
      • bill - 2 months ago
        You’re right on! I agree whole-heartedly.

        Welcome to rr geolina! We’re honored to have you :)
  • Jank - 2 months ago
    The new app looks great! I think it is positively affecting my brain health!
  • jamie - 2 months ago
    Interesting how some nannies now have 'no tech' clauses now. Jeeesh.
    • bill - 2 months ago
      YES! So telling! And, specifically, the article is referring to nannies in Silicon Valley. In other words, the children of tech executives. The same tech executives who pioneered these products (social media, smartphones, etc.) and got super rich doing it. The same tech executives who *still won't admit* (publicly at least) that they're responsible for many of the huge problems we now face as a society.
  • bill - 2 months ago
    tldr YES. But it’s worth rr

    This person nailed it:

    >>I find one of the most challenging aspects of our digital preoccupation to be the displacement it induces from nature, face-to-face communication, physical activity, and quiet, internally focused moments.

    Nir Eyal might be the devil. I’m still trying to decide.