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  • bill - 2 months ago
    This article is excellent. I especially appreciate the candor with which he writes about the challenging COO hire. The title/headline is perfect. And the article delivers.

    The author, Jake Fuentes, was an acquaintance of mine at Stanford. We caught up on the phone yesterday. (First time connecting in almost a decade?!) Anyway, he's smart and he's been through some real shit (built a fintech company and sold it to Capital One). He spoke plainly about why he does and doesn't believe in - good, challenging, sobering conversation.

    I want to find investors who can be helpful. We need it. Lots of it. (It brings up in me a vomiting anxiety when I think about how much help needs right now lol.) Financial, operational, networking, hiring, legal, MARKETING. Bring all the help for gods sake. @Jeff, we just need to be vigilant about tuning in the good frequencies and tuning out the bad ones, but that seems like a much smaller problem than Not enuff frequencies!!