You must really read the article before you can comment
  • bill - 2 months ago
    When you read something and you think **I want every human I know to really read this.**

    Excellent research & reporting. Excellent storytelling. A slice of memoir wrapped up as a piece of self help.

    Tech is a nightmare. I realized today (in a conversation with my friend who sent me this article) that one of my ultimate lifelong goals is to get completely off of the internet. I want to focus all of my time on reading (books), writing (letters, poems and books) and art. And the newspapers provide adequate news. Local print is all one needs.

    >> So what are we slaves to technology supposed to do with this? Throw our phones, laptops and tablets out the window? Sure! That is a great option and I wholeheartedly support you in this.

    One day! In the meantime, reading :)