How Coming Out Made Me Whole: High Maintenance’s Katja Blichfeld Tells Her Story
Vogue · Katja Blichfeld as told to Lauren Mechling · 1/11/18
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  • bill - 6 days ago
    I’ve only seen one episode of High Maintenence (while getting quite high myself) with one of my closest college/stoner friends in San Francisco. It was insanely funny, and also deep. Thoughtful. Personal. Real. So of course the woman behind the show is also all of those things. I’m not surprised about the ways that marijuana factored into her own life and relationship. I know from personal experience that (1) weed works as an anti-depressant and (2) it’s seriously addicting.

    Anyway, this is choking and beautiful. Such a 10 it makes me regret my other 10s. I spent the back half of yesterday concerned that this platform is just spitting up a bunch of the same kind of above-average articles. And I felt like a fraud when I said “ritualize your reading” in my Wednesday email to the entire community, because it’s something I rarely do myself. So, late last night, when this appeared on the Hot List (Thank you first readers, whoever you are!!) I thought, Okay, that’s kinda cool, looks like a solid 10-minuter from Vogue, a pub we don’t often see on here. So I sat down proper and read it. And then I levitated. This is the world. This is who we are. We can understand the human condition and we can figure out a way to survive with ourselves and each other if we’re willing to open up.

    I believe in the power of reading to change people and change the world. But sometimes I have doubts. That’s how faith works; by definition it comes and goes. If you’re on the fence, just READ THIS for fuck’s sake. Katja put her soul on a platter so that we might feast.