How do I raise a good son in a world that lets men be so bad?
The Outline · Tom Whyman · 3/5/19
The Outline
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  • Pegeen - 5 days ago
    “I am a philosopher and writer and I’m interested in why our world is terrible and what we can do to make it less so.” This is what I found when I went to search for information on Tom Whyman. It’s completely shocking to me that this young man has his PhD in philosophy from the University Of Essex, where he is a part time teacher. I gave this story a #1 because I could not believe how infantile the thoughts were! How incredibly negative and sad he is. On ruminating about becoming a father he says, “A second self that I can form into being a far more happier and more successful person than I, personally, have ever been capable of being.” Thinking the world is “terrible”, that men are “toxic, seething poison, noxious stench, malignant parasite” - well I’m feeling like your son will be in therapy for a long time. Wow!