The Women Rescued from Boko Haram Who Are Returning to Their Captors
The New Yorker · Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani · 12/20/18
The New Yorker
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  • Pegeen - 2 months ago
    Wow, incredible! It’s truly mind blowing what is going on in our world while I go about my day freely and with great joy. Such devastation,brutality and horror. Thanks for such a mind expanding article - one that will stay with me also. I am, indeed, blessed.
  • tdsimpson90 - 2 months ago
    wow, what a story. It's shocking and sad but I also feel like I understand it. It seems like stockholm syndrome but also more than that, because it gives them purpose and meaning.
  • bill - 2 months ago

    Still can't stop thinking about this one.
  • bill - 2 months ago
    Wow. I strongly recommend this one.