The Prairie Wife
The New Yorker · Curtis Sittenfeld · 2/6/17
The New Yorker
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  • Pegeen - 1 week ago
    I was going to hit the “back” arrow after the first several paragraphs, thinking to myself, “Dear God, another story about phone addiction” when my inner voice said, “hold on, this is exactly what causes a feeling of separatedness.” Interesting, the word separatedness, as it’s not something I would say, so out of curiosity, I continued. And of course, half way through the feelings of the various characters in this story began to resonate deeply. I felt connection, compassion and a deep shared sense of the complexities that are endemic in all relationships. I initially gave this story a 6 because of my difficulty connecting to it, but changed it to a 10 because it changed me. Reading is powerful. Thanks rr!