The Making of the Fox News White House
The New Yorker · Jane Mayer · 3/4/19
The New Yorker
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  • chronotope - 2 weeks ago
    This is a hell of a read!
    • bill - 1 week ago
      Thx again Aram! I think you've earned some AOTD trophies too at this point.
      • chronotope - 1 week ago
        Haha, thanks!
    • bill - 2 weeks ago
      Jane Mayer is excellent, but none of this felt new or surprising to me, which I guess is a problem in and of itself.
  • bill - 1 week ago
    In the time since, Bill Shine has resigned! That's pretty nuts. So this really is journalism that changes the world. Changed from 7 to 9. ;)