is this the end of recycling?
The Atlantic · Alana Semuels · 3/5/19
The Atlantic
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  • Tripleg - 1 week ago
    I guess San Francisco’s “state of the art” recycling machines aren’t so state of the the art after all when a plastic bag can stop the machine! Maybe we should ask Elon Musk or Apple engineers how to design an efficient recycling machine. Who designed the San Francisco machine? A high school student project?
    • bill - 1 week ago
      Seriously. “State of the art” these machines are NOT, lol. How hard can a recycling machine be? We built the Hoover Dam and we went to the moon. We should be able to build a thing that sorts the dump, even if the dump is big, because the alternative is living in the dump.

      Entrepreneurs don’t work on things that people need. They work on things that they can make money on. I’m down with asking Elon and/or Apple, even 5ough public/private partnerships freak me out. Stuff should be one or the other. I could see Elon taking this on. Ideally, he’d be willing to buy a lot of the trash, perhaps at a huge discount. Or give him a claim for the trash in the ocean. In other words, sell the trash to someone who thinks they can *make money* on it. Let’s *do something* with it all! There must be some purpose it can solve... but maybe not...
  • bill - 1 week ago
    Oh zoinks.

    It’s tough to hear that a huge part of the problem is that people can’t sort stuff correctly.

    As I write this, I can hear the garbage truck, coming around the block. Here’s a wild idea I’ve been considering: **It should cost money to get your trash picked up.** Then people would have to think about it. When you make more trash, we all have to pay for it.

    In other words, it shouldn’t be a right to make waste as much waste as you want, but a privilege you can pay for. And we’ll use the money to abate the damage you cause.