The fantasy - and reality - of dining at Chez Panisse
San Francisco Chronicle · Soleil Ho · 2/28/19
San Francisco Chronicle
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  • jeff - 4 days ago
    I like my restaurant reviews how I like everything else in my life: without Marxist philosophers.

    Really though I don’t want any politics mixed with my dining experience regardless of the ideaology so the fact that it is apparently lacking at Chez isn’t a strike in my opinion.

    What was the author expecting? Menu prices adjusted for your income? Or just louder, more radical lip service paid to more extreme political positions?

    Still an interesting read. I’d like to dine at Chez and it’s good to know I won’t be subject to a pre-dinner lecture on the means of production from a server wearing a red arm band.
  • Pegeen - 1 week ago
    I went back and changed my rating of this article from a 5 to a ten. Again, this article really got me thinking about food and my desires that I listed in my first comment. Afterwards, I felt SO inspired to do something about those desires - and isn’t that what reading is about, inspiration? I have a game plan in mind, a list for Whole Foods, my food processor out on the counter along with my blender and gratitude in my heart. Creativity is flowing.
    • bill - 6 days ago
      Awesome. This makes me so happy! Reading and writing about food gets me so pumped on food. And I couldn’t agree more about what you said about “simple” and “sacred.” Cutting a perfect tomato lengthwise (slowly, with a good knife) is heaven. On the inside, it even looks like a galaxy.
  • Pegeen - 1 week ago
    I am not a foodie. However, I care deeply what I put into my body. I wish I had the passion to grow my own food, as my mother did. She was definitely farm to table, right in her back yard. She grew up the 7th of 14 children on a farm in NJ. It never left her. Her vegetable soup and salads were the best of my life and I misss them and her. When I was younger, I made my own vegetarian burgers, whole grain breads, soups and casseroles. I continued in that vein when I got married and had children. I made their baby food in a Cuisinart. Organic, fresh food equaled love. It still does. I would love to know more about spices and how to use them in the very simple dishes I prepare. I would love to care more about how I present my dishes, now that it is usually just the 2 of us at the table. I would love to eat more mindfully and slower - savor each bite. For me, food is sacred and VERY simple - stripped down. Think Jersey tomato - perfection!
  • bill - 2 weeks ago
    Bay Area foodies, take note. There’s a new food critic in town. Go Soleil, go!

    I love reading about food. Also, I think that the more I read about food, the better I am in the kitchen.

    Poor Chez. I mean, it doesn’t really matter. It’s totally okay to get a little lazy after you change the world. Just don’t expect the young bucks not to notice.