Why Don’t We Just Eat Better? | Nutrition Wonderland
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  • bill - 1 week ago
    I love reading about food, but I usually steer clear of health/diet articles because I think they just confuse people. This one was written ages ago, but hits a few nails on the head. I guess some people are legitimately confused about how to eat, but I also think that many people make themselves confused, subconsciously, as a way to shift blame to others. Confusion enables denial. If you’re not a child and you’re “confused” about how to eat healthier, that’s your first problem. Knock that off. Eating well is kindergarten-simple.

    Michael Pollan’s books changed the way I think about food, over a decade ago. The gospel is: **Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.** I love making simple meals where I can trace everything back to a thing that just grows out of the ground. And I think that feeling good really does taste good.

    Even when life’s a mess, I can eat my way to feeling like a million bucks. For starters: coffee, eggs, fruit. :)

    Oh, and downvote that stuff about non-organic, soy and frozen vegetables being ok. Just to make things more confusing ;)