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  • Pegeen - 2 months ago
    I grew up diagraming sentences and I loved it’s structure - it made sense to me. The Kafka diagram looks beautiful, a lost artform, a time of chalk and slate.
  • turtlebubble - 2 months ago
    I feel like I remember doing this in school but I'm not 100%.. I am definitely a visual learner and can see it being helpful when breaking down sentence structure on a very beginner level. The more complex Kafka diagram doesn't seem to be any more nice to look at than the sentence itself, but maybe for a writer it could be helpful to see this breakdown to try to compose a similarly perfect string of words.
    • bill - 2 months ago
      I wonder if AI-powered robo-writers are gonna be able to come up with such beautiful sentences so fast it's gonna knock our socks off. I'm imagining a million sentence diagrams drawn out in a split second while us humans are like "no the verb goes here!"
    • bill - 2 months ago
      I think that by the time I was in grade school sentence diagramming was slowly falling out of favor, but I definitely remember mentions of it here and there.

      It's an intriguing practice. I can definitely imagine finding it useful, but probably only for poetry, where it's worth taking the time to make sure each word is perfect.