The Olympian Who Believes He’s Always On TV
Longreads · 3/6/18
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  • jlcipriani - 2 months ago
    The tricky part about this particular delusion is both that there is so much actual observation of one all the time - and that we are encouraged to be fascinated by ourselves as a sign of self-love and self-care. It’s not hard to see how mental illness could easily latch onto these phenomena.

    Is it super weird that I might watch a Truman Show-type show about a bipolar Olympic sailor?
    • bill - 2 months ago
      Interesting thought, but I also see a big distinction between observation of self ("looking inward") and observation of others. The first one is a good thing. Like meditation. The second one is surveillance-y shit. Pretty inhumane. It makes people nuts.

      And I would be right there with you watching that Truman Show-type show about the Olympian. He needs to write a book! :P

      • jlcipriani - 2 months ago
        My point about the encouragement of even, "positive," absorption in oneself is that it can make it easy believe that others would be equally fascinated.
        • bill - 2 months ago
          Oh wow - yes, totally! Powerful point!!
  • bill - 2 months ago
    WOW. Bizarre. And strangely relatable.

    References to David Foster Wallace, Philip K Dick and James Joyce are always wonderful.