The Secret Baby Catchers of Alabama
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  • joanne - 2 months ago
    I'm all choked up..things have changed a lot since I had my three babies. I was in labor over 24 hours, if I delivered today, all three would be C sections. Also since I was more than a week late with two of them, they would be C sections before I went into labor. I talked endlessly to my doctor about as little intervention as possible. I think woman have to begin insisting that their doctors allow them to have a plan. In the 80"s we had birthing rooms, single spaces with chairs, room to walk my own music. There were birthing tubs but I don't think they were ever used or encouraged. I probably would have loved them, the warm water, the flotation....This is crazy how mothers today are birthing. Great article, I hope young people read it. I love hearing birth stories.
  • bill - 2 months ago
    Wow! Choked up a bit, especially through Kate’s backstory.

    This whole situation is an affront to Freedom, Capital F. Libertarians should lead the charge on deregulating childbirth. I cant think of anything more sacred, any place or space where government regulators really *don’t* belong. “Draconian” and “dystopian” are the right words to describe a set of laws that require mothers to give birth in hospitals. Unreal.

    On the upside, it’s good to see that some progress has been made. I read a bit more about HB315, signed by Alabama’s current governor, Kay Ivey, a woman. As always, it was a small group of passionate people who made this happen. And, also as always, there’s still more work to do!