it will look like a sunset
Guernica · 4/1/14
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  • skrt - 1 hour ago
    Made me cry. Thanks for including it in the newsletter.
  • Tripleg - 1 day ago
    How could someone be so loving and caring to his family, friends and neighbors and yet at times be so crazy angry. His sickness is beyond instant comprehension!
  • joanne - 2 days ago
    Really great writing but difficult to get through. Hard to get my head around the violence some people have lurking inside of them. Equally astonishing to me is people’s ability to forgive. We live in a world where a woman is more likely to be killed by her lover or husband than a stranger. Sensitivity, compassion and empathy have to be incorporated into our schools and work place. Might be an uphill battle, what we do know is that children of abusers are more likely to become abusers.
  • erica - 3 days ago
    This was so painful to read. It makes me so sad to think of all the women who haven't made it out of these relationships. I can't relate to people like Caleb - I've never felt so angry that I've wanted to physically harm someone, especially someone I love. I love her descriptions of how he could be so loving and so terrible - humans are complicated.
  • Pegeen - 4 days ago
    My entire career has been in the health field. I have studied abuse and it’s many complex issues. Even have worked a crisis hot line for 3 years. But this story is one of the best to really get you inside the mind and heart of an abused person. It was absolutely horrific to read yet immensely important to do so, to bring compassion and understanding to such a deep, complicated syndrome. I urge readers to take the time, as this is a work of art - rich, meaningful, beautifully written and enlightening.
  • bill - 1 week ago