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  • Pegeen - 2 months ago
    This seems SO counterintuitive to any kind of “healing” to me. It’s more about taking advantage of very vulnerable people. Always shocking how “industries” develop from this, as it’s points to the amount of people who are desperate to “belong” to a group, no matter how many red flags are waving. Sad.
  • jamie - 6 months ago
    Some people might need this..... I does seem like a personal choice.
  • joanne - 6 months ago
    Very disturbing, the Bikram Yoga was creepy, the cell phone messages all night interrupts brain patterns and the lack of privacy would make anyone crazy. I think this was a cult. It's amazing how much money people will spend in order to find community or feel touch. I think they had a tent at a yoga festival I was at in Joshua Tree last spring.
  • holytoledo36 - 6 months ago
    Well written. Well reported. A tad disturbing.