Do Not Disturb: How I Ditched My Phone and Unbroke My Brain
The New York Times Company · Kevin Roose · 2/23/19
The New York Times Company
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  • Pegeen - 3 weeks ago
    Excellent article. Having not grown up with technology, I couldn’t fully picture what scientists were warning us about - the rewiring of our brains. What it looked and felt like. This author really allowed a visceral feel into his addiction. The inability to be quiet, to read, to watch a movie or have a long conversation - I’m sorry, that’s cause for SERIOUS concern, in my opinion. Thank God for specialists like Catherine Price who can help those who seek to unplug from the virtual and experience the Natural.
  • joanne - 3 weeks ago
    Bill, this if for you. I think this guy sums up our addiction really well. He's the Marie Kondo for the brain.