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  • bill - 3 months ago
    More evidence that social media amplifies the shittiness all around us. And, obviously, lists suck.

    There's some strong cultural criticism here, but also a lot of repetition about something that we all already know: things are *actually* cool before they're widely known about. And anything viral, by definition, is very un-cool.

    Also, I have to say that I was pretty annoyed about this sentence, buried in the middle: "He asked me not to reveal the details of that story, but I can say that there were personal problems." "That story" is THE story. And if I'm going to spend 23 minutes on a story, I better get every single juicy detail.
    • djcheetos - 2 months ago
      Did you catch the editor’s note about additional background re: his domestic abuse allegations?
      • bill - 2 months ago
        Hell yeah! Great find. 3 weeks ago, I called it! I knew a piece of this story was missing. That’s what real reading is all about :P

        From the (excellent) update in Willamette Week:
        >>On April 18, 2014, Stanich was arrested for choking his then-wife in front of their then-teenage son at their home in Northeast Portland.
        Documents show his wife, then 57, had been a manager at Stanich's for 19 years before being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.
  • loundytampa - 2 months ago
    I am so guilty of this , the definition of a “list whore”. Some of them are legit , and some are garbage ... I find it to be my job to use them as a starting/reference point. I remember when this article came out , I had tons of opinions, but mostly - I HAVE TO get that burger.
    • bill - 2 months ago
      lol. apparently the best list these days is the eater list? they chose 38?
      • loundytampa - 2 months ago
        Yes , essential 38
        They do everything , and on all different scales- the essential 38 BEST RESTAURANTS IN THE US comes out once a year and (like this guys burger article) could be life changing ... I am currently looking into extendeding a layover in Honolulu (who does that) to check out a spot that made the list
        BUT they also do daily updates on smaller scales lists - example , Best 38 ramen spots on the LES ... is there even 38?