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  • Pegeen - 2 weeks ago
    This is totally disturbing! It seems that people are too busy to live their own lives, so they pay others to do it for them. Wow, this blows my mind. They truly don’t know what they are missing! Holy shitto is right!
  • bill - 2 weeks ago
    Holy shitto. More black mirror.

    >> Most of Golden’s clients are professionals in their mid-30s or older and the majority of them live in Manhattan, where outsourcing is a regular part of the upper-middle-class lifestyle.

    >> She may impersonate her clients online, but she does not feel the weight of their emotional baggage. “I don’t have their relationship history or their childhood … their divorce, whatever it is,” she explained. “I just focus!”

    Wow. So acting like a robot gets you better results that being a real, sentient being.