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  • Ana - 5 days ago
    I read this because I absolutely love winter and never understood why people hate it so much. I didn’t get my answer and I felt the introduction was too long.
  • erica - 2 weeks ago
    I remember as a kid, when adults talked about the weather, I thought it was so boring and mundane, but now I'm thirty and I probably have conversations about the weather on a daily basis. I'm from Los Angeles, where I grew up without heat or air conditioning because the temperature is always perfect. It's made living anywhere else a challenge.

    "Women are often too cold at work because office-building temperatures are set to the men’s higher metabolic rates" - THIS IS SO REAL.
    • bill - 2 weeks ago
      why you gotta layer!
  • bill - 2 weeks ago
    >> "Research suggests there are two kinds of people who tolerate the cold very well: indigenous Arctic groups, and men."