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  • tdsimpson90 - 2 months ago
    I've heard about the research linking loneliness to premature death and I always wondered why that is. I find that very interesting and this article gives come clues, like spouses reminding you to take your medication or something, but I wonder what the other factors are. It has to be more than that. I guess I should read the study!
    I also remember having those exact feelings of pressure and loneliness they describe in the article in college at uchicago and I feel like it has only gotten worse for students. It makes me worry about when I have kids, how will I shield them from this intense pressure, not just in college, but as early as elementary school I think it's a problem. What is the solution?
    I agree that social media and technology are part of the problem but you can't completely cut kids off from technology and social media because it might put them behind (but maybe not?) and I think there are benefits, however if they get too entrenched, obviously there are hugely negative consequences.
    Also I totally agree with the arts being therapeutic. Really enjoyed this article.
  • joanne - 2 months ago
    I think this is right on. Disclaimer, Jeremy is a friend of mine, I think he's right on with this project. I like the first element to combat loneliness is being in the experience....being present....that just about sums everything up for me.
    • bill - 2 months ago
      >> “Loneliness won’t just make you miserable,” Nobel says. “It will kill you.”

      YES. Excellent read!! I’m so glad that it touched on social media and tech. That’s an important and obvious driver of loneliness.

      @joanne - keep finding stuff like this and we’ll send ya a rr t-shirt. This is exactly the kind of smart, thoughtful, well-written article we’re looking for.
  • bill - 2 months ago
    This will undoubtedly rise to article of the day. Amazing.