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  • nisroc - 2 weeks ago
    Huh, you learn a new term every day... the IDW. Daum gives an excellent deep (but not "dark") read. :)
    • bill - 1 week ago
      Very interesting.

      Lots of wonderful little tidbits, like this: "The more honest we are about what we think, the more we’re alone with our thoughts."

      The strongest aspect of this article -- what bumps it up from "good" to "great" -- is how honest the author is in describing the end of her marriage and the impact it had on her way of interacting with the world online. Talk about a topic that requires nuance!

      The recurring pseudo-takedowns of Ta-Nehisi Coates were weak. Borderline cringe-worthy. Between the World and Me is big league stuff. It is art. It floats, like a cloud, above intellectual banter. It changed the way I think and feel in a deep and visceral way. And it did that for a lot of people. From a purely literary perspective, it's downright beautiful. Daum says, "I learned a lot from reading Coates. But with this reading often came the nagging sense that I wasn’t supposed to engage with the ideas as much as absorb them unquestioningly. He wasn’t just an author but the unofficial paterfamilias of the wokescenti." Those thoughts are indeed strange and counterproductive. Since they have nothing to do with the work itself, they'd best be brushed aside.