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  • joanne - 2 months ago
    I agree with the amount of research that was done and their care in making sure we didn't apply their results to the US. I think they are right on as far as the emotional and time drain of news. I get the TV news and the kids but interesting there was no mention of 'reading' the news. Would love to know how many of the 43 woman had a newspaper delivered to their home. Interesting that the men brought the newspaper to work....Can't wait to hear the results from the US.
  • bill - 2 months ago
    Also, I think it's worth noting that academics hold themselves to a really high bar when it comes to research. I was surprised that the author and researchers were so careful to caveat that this research was "small" and "speculative." Yet the authors "conducted hour-long, in-home interviews with “43 working- and middle-class individuals in the U.K. — mostly women." That feels like beefy research to me. In the tech world, you hear something from 3 or 4 "users" and suddenly you know how the world works. That's why tech is fast and academia is slow. And it's also why tech - literally the entire industry - is so far out of sync with the needs & wants of society right now. More evidence that we're marching toward dystopia... ?
  • bill - 2 months ago
    What a fascinating little sliver of society. I can totally see where these "noise avoiders" are coming from. If news/media wasn't my job, I could imagine tapping out altogether. I'd love to focus more of my time on creative and introspective endeavors, not to mention family/friends/community.

    >> “I just don’t like watching it. I don’t like what’s going on.”

    >> "I was, like, no news for the kids either, so we just have no news in the house."