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  • Pegeen - 1 week ago
    Very informative article. I was not aware of the possible harmful affects of some types of meditation retreats on individuals who have underlying mental issues. This needs more exposure so that those affected don’t have to search for answers and treatment the way this author did. What a nightmare!
  • joanne - 1 week ago
    it's a dark, deep and scary universe inside and out. I feel for all those brave enough to choose the path of silence, scarcity and deprivation and I can empathize with the pain of the exploration. Let's be there for each other in all directions whether toward the light or spiraling the depth of our shadow. Community, acceptance and love!
  • bill - 2 weeks ago
    An axiom in the yoga world is that it “will ruin your life.” And if it doesn’t, you’re doing something wrong. How can you keep going back to your stupid job when you know that you’re on fire, literally and metaphorically, 98 degrees of burning consciousness, a flame that will be snuffed out. Soon. We’re all going to die.

    After the deep realities, there’s no going back. That’s why


    makes so much sense. Because the people who dig deep, whatever that might mean, have nothing to learn from those who won’t even scratch the surface.