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  • courtney - 2 months ago
    This is so heartbreaking
    • bill - 2 months ago
      Whoa! Thanks for commenting. This is excellent reporting on an important topic. I think (maybe?) I’ve heard of Tornillo before, but this is definitely my first time really reading about it. Crazy that “more people are detained in Tornillo’s tent city than in all but one of the nation’s 204 federal prisons.” And it’s still growing?!?!?
      • bill - 2 months ago
        Also, I’m peeved about the lack of fingerprinting/background check stuff, but that seems like a stupid fuckup within a much larger human failure, a failure of humanity and dignity.

        And this is just insane:
        >> For each night each child spends at Tornillo, taxpayers spend up to $1,200 to pay the direct care workers, cooks, cleaners, teachers and emergency services workers, according to information staff at two congressional offices said they were provided on a recent visit. That’s well above the $775 officials have publicly disclosed, and close to five times more than a typical youth migrant shelter costs. The most expensive hotel room in El Paso is about $200 a night.