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  • crystalhanakim - 1 week ago
    This was such a fun read. I REALLY want to know which industry is Glitterex's biggest market.
  • erica - 3 weeks ago
    I love this! Beautiful and fun to read. I wore so much glitter on my face and body throughout middle school that my friends and I called ourselves the Glitter Girls.
    • crystalhanakim - 1 week ago
      Glitter Girls! I love it.
  • Pegeen - 3 weeks ago
    I can foresee an entire new industry. Put glitter in baby cereal and pet food, then poop will be a delight to clean up. Works of art even. Now about the smell....
  • jlcipriani - 3 weeks ago
    I have never been prouder to be from New Jersey. This is clearly (as one would have suspected) a story about magic. Glitter (like magic) defies comprehensible explanation. It is more phenomenon than product. It is the thing that shines without reason - and without purpose other than to enhance reality.
    • bill - 3 weeks ago
      Pure poetry!
  • Tripleg - 3 weeks ago
    Another example of New Jersey leadership. Glitter and Sicilian eggplant. Even my favorite restaurant in Florida gets it’s Sicilian eggplant from New Jersey. How about the huge sign” Trenton makes the world takes”!
  • bill - 3 weeks ago
    Wait. What?!? Are they making bombs? This is amazing!