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  • Pegeen - 1 week ago
    Yikes! Instagram, here I come!
    • jeff - 1 week ago
      Instagram is owned by Facebook, there is no escape! Or was that a sarcastic jab about them being a monopoly?

      Either way I find articles like these off putting. I think it's lunatic fear mongering and I couldn't make it through this one without actually feeling embarrassed for the author. No one is forced to use Facebook and plenty of people get a tremendous amount of value from it without having to fork over a dime.

      What feels dystopian to me is the growing trend of Chicken Little writing coming from places like the New York Times. Isn't it enough to publish informative articles about Facebook's business practices (and books written about them) and let users make up their own minds about the value of the data and attention they're trading for use of the service? Why must the sky always be falling?
      • Pegeen - 1 week ago
        I did not know Instagram was owned by Facebook! I’m not interested enough to really research any of it, so unfortunately I am a target! I appreciate your reply.
  • bill - 2 weeks ago
    10 out of 10!!

    Dystopia!!! I’ve been saying for years that we need sci-fi language to describe our current reality. Humans are already cyborgs and dystopia is beginning to happen. I just watched FYRE Fest. That shit is for real.

    McNamee is my hero. I’m surprised that this article didn’t touch on his persona - stoner dude in a jam band. I can’t wait to meet him, see what he’s all about!

    And I REALLY can’t wait to read this book! I’m going to be first in line! :)